Tax Preparation & Planning Services

No two tax returns are the same, because no two people are the same. Each and every one of us is unique. Tax law is also unique and complicated. We understand you want to prepare your own taxes to save money.

Are you really saving yourself money?
Or are you costing yourself money by not capturing all your income and deductions?
Are you just relying on the tax software? (remember, garbage-in, garbage-out)
Are you putting yourself into a penalty situation and don’t even realize it?

We understand it is also difficult to find someone who is ethical and has your best interest in mind. It is also scary to just call someone “out of the blue”.

Effective tax preparation and planning can help you to minimize your future tax liability. We can help you proactively manage both your personal and your business tax issues, including understanding how upcoming business opportunities impact your tax status and vice versa.

Not all tax planning opportunities are readily apparent. We understand how the latest federal, state and local tax legislation and other developments affect you and your business . We are constantly identifying new ways to reduce federal, state or local tax liabilities.

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